Update and a Pre-Sale!

Hi ya'll! Just checking in to have this blog running and keep ya'll updated. Ok...so I'm doing much better...thanks for your well wishes. Yeah...all I needed right now was to get sick huh? But I'm headed out of the flu. YAY! Also on other news...my mom was finally transfered from the hospital to a home/clinic where they will be working on getting her back on her feet (if possible) or working with me to see what they CAN do just in case she can't walk when she comes home in 2 to 4 weeks. It's been so stressful to think that she wont be able to walk...but I'm staying positive! We're going today to see how she's doing and for me to sign some papers.

Now on to a pre-sale! Bombshell Stamps is having a pre-sale for their new sets! I'm already in love with a couple...but can't buy at the moment! :( Bills are coming in...yikes! But I know for SURE when I can spend a bit...I'm gonna grab the sets I want! *wink* Check them out!!!

Ok ya'll...I'm headed back to bed to sleep a bit more. I still feel super sleepy but I wanted to make sure I update a bit. I plan on getting back on track very soon! My dad's daughter called and said she wants to take my dad for the weekend...my dad doesn't want because he doesn't trust her...but if he gives in...OMG that would help out a lot! LOL!

Oh...and FYI...I have been staying stamp productive...lol...I've been working on cards to show once I can be myself again. ;)



Jessica said...

I'm happy to hear that you are on the mend, hopefully it won't be too much longer until you feel back to yourself :)

Melissa Craig said...

You sound so much like yourself now Gabby. Glad you're on the upswing. Keep doing what you're doing and get all better!! Hugs.

Bobbie said...

Glad you are feeling better Gabby. Good news on your mom too...being in a home is better than being in the hospital. You take care of yourself now ..U hear !!!!
Angel Hugs...bobbie