There She Goes Tastes Like Chicken!

And according to my DH...it does! EWWWWW!!! He's actually had possum! *GAG* We have one that passes by in our yard on our brick wall and OMG he's sooooo creepy looking! His beady little eyes...*shivers*! Still I could use this possum to stamp! When I saw this set I initially wanted to use the possum for the sneak peek...but HAD to use the couch for piecing practice. I'm getting a bit rusty there! Anywho...I was googling possum pictures and came across one I had to use! It was of a possum in the middle of the road and apparently the ones who paint the street line dividers didn't bother moving it...or just thought they'd paint over it for kicks and giggles! I hope this card gives you the giggles! Please...no hate comments! From looking at some posts on SCS about this set...not everyone likes or even gets the humor to this! I'm the kind who loves humor...so this is so me and I so get it! LOL! This card is yet another try at my hand with Copics. Practice is needed...so be gentle with your comments! LOL! Notice how I made the LO to look like the road? LOL! Thanks to sketch challenge #220.

Copics used: E00, E02, N8, N5, N3, W4, W1, Y17, Y15, & 0

CS/DP: BBlack, BGrey, Bazzil Bling Yellow, & Bright White
Ink: BBlack & Copics
Stamps: Tastes Like Chicken by There She Goes
Embellishments: none
Others: CB Distressed Striped folder & white gel pen



Joani said...

Gabby I'm so sorry for not being around ~ sometimes life gets too busy. I hope that all is better with your Mom. I love your new look to your blog, very cool!
You take care of yourself to my friend!

Sarah said...

Yes, it did make me giggle! I love this set - I actually won it in the blog hop and already got! I just haven't had a chance to ink it up!

~*Joni said...

No hate mail here! LOL! I love it Gabby! Even you can take a dead rodent and make it fabby. LMBO! :D Thanks for the smiles today, he's colored in so well...okay. Now I'm shivering. Ewwww...but this reminded me to start dinner in the crock pot. LOL!
Btw, I do love your new blog. At first I missed the bold b/w look but the more I see this, your header is almost like a diary, confessions indeed. ;)

Makiko Jones said...

Your card made me laugh, lol. It's so funny to think that we get our inspirations from the weird places sometimes ;)

Cindy Haffner said...

He hee Gabby so cute, love your coloring.

Gael said...

This is hilarious! This little guy is the one leaning me closer and closer to buying this set!

CRYSTAL said...

I think it is the most hilarious thing..... my Dad grew up eating possum bleckkkkk.... Love the road stripe too!!! Too dang cute!!!

Jessica said...

OMG, I love what you have done with this card!! This just may be my favorite possum card so far :)

Melissa Craig said...

Oh funny! This is great!!

I have neighbors that eat those rodents. GROSS!!!

Katie Cotton said...

haha, love the card! I have to admit... i've been bad about my blog checking. I dont have a clue where the end of my march and beginning of my april went! But your card is super fun and your new Blog desin rocks! :)

Kelli said...

Now THAT is too darn funny!!! WHY they can't pry those suckers up BEFORE they paint is beyond me but...this card ROCKS! LOL

Anita Hovey said...

Hilarious! I love it. It's not a set I need to have, but I can appreciate the humour of it.

Jackie said...

Too cute! I got my new sets in the mail today and looking at your creations I just don't know where to start with these sets! Amazing job on the DT girly, huge congrats :)

Celeste said...

Too funny! My ex-husband had a book called "Yellow Line Yummies."
I like your humor!