Tired Manic Monday

Maybe not too manic...but I had that song in my head! LOL! I am tired though...lately I've been super tired...almost falling asleep while shopping...falling asleep when coloring/stamping...falling asleep while showering...BUT...not being able to fall asleep at night! HUH? I guess now with mom depending on me more now...I guess I'm just overwhelmed and just need some rest. Then yesterday we had my DD's 5th birthday party and well...it added a bit more to my already tired body. BUT I have to "man it up"...lol! I'm no man to man it up...duh...but you get the idea! However...with the kids going back to school today...I'll have time to nap without hearing a MOM...Chava took my ___ or MOOOOOOM...Elvira doesn't want to get up. I wont miss it! LOL! It's funny because when I knew they were gonna get vacations...I thought...cool...I don't have to wake up early...but having them here ALL DARN DAY...OMG!!! I rather wake up early and take them to school than hear the fighting and whinning thruout the day...lol.

ANYWHO...let me show you something I made last week for my SIL who had a baby girl. She had her baby shower but I couldn't attend...but still thought I'd make her something handmade and go all out...lol. I call it "all out" because this was my very first time making one of these...a diaper cake AND a blankie baby!!! It has NOTHING to do with stamping...but I thought I'd still show! Thanks for looking and I'll post something stamped OR colored tomorrow! Ciao!



~*Joni said...

Gabby! I would have never thought that was your first diaper cake! I think it took me a couple of months of baby showers before mine looked this good. LOL! This is beautiful, and so is the blanket. I hope you are feeling better soon...go get some rest. hugs!

Julie Temple said...

TOO STINKING CUTE!! I bet she just LOVED them both!! I hope you get to feeling better, Kiddo!!


Gail's Card Cafe' said...

I love these! I've seen the cake before but not the blankie doll! I have 3 baby showers coming up in August and wanted to make all of them a cake! Your's looks great!

Anonymous said...

Gabs...you never cease to amaze me..you are so talented...mwah


Ann said...

Too darn ca-ute!!!!