Short post!

Today my post will be short. I have so much to catch up on and I'm gonna spend some time with the hubby and kids. We're going once again to watch Monsters VS Aliens. Turns out our theater NOW features 3D in IMAX! Super cool!

Here is another card I made (of 4) that are also for the pet swap. This one is a 3X3 though! I really like making these mini cards. I used The Greeting Farms Wild Things set. I have birdies...so I had to get one spot for them! They are wittle birdies...so I think the size matches the pets...lol. I once again used LV's Copics. I lost that list of colors used too! I tell you...if my head wasn't attached to my shoulders...I would loose that too!



~*Joni said...

I LOVE this! I haven't even inked mine up yet, but what a great idea to use them on 3x3s because of their mini sizes. :D

Jackie said...

This is just too cute! I have my little guys sitting in the package still screaming for me to cut and ink them up already. I love the mini card idea, great on since the size ofthese adorable guys is so small! Love it!

Melissa Craig said...

Oh he's so cute!!!

Susan aka "Crunchy" said...

Oooh! Nice work with "LV's Copics" wink, wink. Come on girl, just admit it, they are dreamy markers. lol!