Happy Earth Day!

So today is Earth Day...what are you doing to help our beautiful planet? The kids and I are gonna go elecrticity out once it gets darker and when they get home from school...we're going to the park who's hosting a plant a tree day and we're gonna go plant one. I'm gonna take my dad along so he can get some fresh air. My mom is in the hospital once again and this time they actually X-rayed her (they should have done that LAST time) and turnes out she has a couple hairline fractures. Right now she's going in for surgery. So I need to take the kids and my dad out to distract ourselves and just pray to God and Mother Nature to be on our side just for today if anything! So if I wont be posting cards until maybe Friday just so we can take time to reflect. So...have yourself a happy Earth Day and love our planet. Give it a BIG HUG!!!


Gael said...

Oh, Gabby! HUGS to your Mom and family! Take some time to de-stress and enjoy nature. Extra HUGS to you!!

Julie Temple said...

Sending up Hugs and Well wishes to your Mom and Family!! I hope all goes well! Take care of YOU, too, Girl!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Gabby... Haven't been on blogspot in a long time. Work has been very overwhelming these days, no time to play. Just thought I'd let you know that I'm thinking about your mom, I hope she gets better soon. - Cyndi

Michele L. said...

My thoughts are with your family. I hope all goes well!