Following!!! WHERE HAVE I BEEN???

OMG you guys...I can't believe I was missing out on that little helper!!! I just added the follower thingy yesterday and I've been following some of the blogs I visit and BOY...WHERE IN THE WORLD WAS I? I have been going to blogs MUCH EASIER to drop some love! Ok...how come no one told this late bloomer??? *shakes finger* LOL! SO...expect to see my beautiful face *cough/laugh* leaving you some love! Thank GOD for this helper! Geesh! Ok...back to my regularly sceduled program! ;) Hope to see your faces following me! :)


Joani said...

Yes, yes. Where have you been? I hope that the holidays almost over I will be seeing more of you ~ you've been missed!

Shirley said...

I love the Follow Me list because I can then add them really easily to My Blog List too.

I forgot to tell you what a wonderful family you have and thanks for sharing. It's nice to see who we are connecting with in the world.