I'll always love my mama...Happy Birthday Mom!

Today is my mom's birthday...well...it would have been her 73rd birthday. I remember last year she was super happy because she made it to 72. She would tell everyone she reached 72. My MIL tells me how last year during Thanksgiving when they were sitting outside talking that she told her..."Elvira...you don't know how happy I am that I made it to be 72". I don't know why...but I think my mom knew she wouldn't get to 73 because she would always say something like "I know I'm not gonna see Elvirita (LV) when she has her quinceanera (Sweet 15)...or seeing Lizzie in school"...how could she had foreseen that? I don't know...

I don't want to say much because I don't wanna start crying...so I'll just post a few pictures. I know that the majority of you know exactly what my mom meant to me...especially those of you who went through her last month of life with me. I can't even imagine how much pain I'll feel on Mother's Day if I'm hurting BAD on her birthday. Ok....I'll stop...I already feel the knot in my throat and the pounding in my chest.

^^You can click on these pictures for a larger view^^
Pic 1 above is mom with LV when we were on our way to Baja.
Pic 2 is mom with my DS who was 1 month old
Pic 3 is mom with me when I was 4 months old
Pic 4 is mom and me...not sure how old I was
Pic 5 is when I was baptized...look at how cute she looks!

with my kids at Salton Sea on our way home from Arizona

lol...she tried to hoola-hoop...lol

birthday in Arizona

at the Cabazon Dinosaurs on our way home from Arizona

5 de Mayo 2007

last summer...lol!!!

in a bouncy house with LV at my baby shower (2004)

Christmas 2006

Christmas 2006 with the kids

I do want to say something though before I end it here...to all of you still fortunate to have your mothers...love them...a lot! Hug them and kiss them any time you get because once that mother is gone...you will never have those moments. You don't know how much I wish I had my mom still to give her more hugs and more kisses than what I gave her when she was around. Even if you're not close to your mother...get close now before it's too late. I don't know how that feels...but I do know how my brother and sister feel...you don't wanna feel that regret.


PaperCrafty said...

Happy Birthday Gabby's Mom!!

Sonya said...

Aaww Gabby what a beautiful mother you have! I love the one of her and Lizzie! You know your mom and my mother in law passed away within one day of eachother,they are exactely 10 years apart and their birthdays are within a month of eachother.

It's a hard thing to grasp..they are there one minute and taken from you so quickly. Sending a big hug your way.

Carisa said...

Oh man, I have a HUGE lump in my throat. Your mom looked like the life of the party. She had a great smile and I can just feel the love in your words as you remember her. Thank you for reminding me to love my mom more and to let her get close and give her hugs. Sometimes I put up that wall and I don't know why, but I want her to know I love her now while she's here with us rather than go thru that regret. *sigh* So, thanks and I'll be sure to give her a big hug when she gets home tonight.

Melissa Craig said...

Oh happy birthday to your Mom. You know she's partying up there in heaven!! Big hugs to you my friend. I loved looking at the pictures. Thanks for sharing that glimpse into your life. Your mom looks like she was a blast!! Pic 4 of you and your mother... I thought that was Lizzie before I'd read it was you!!

Angie said...

happy birthday to you Mom, Gabby! It will take a few birthdays and Mother's Days, but over time you will be able to celebrate these days with Happiness. You're on the right track; keep remembering the happy times and rejoice that your mom is celebrating too!

Rae Anne said...

Your mom is wrapped in you love right now.

WickedPixie said...

Big Hugs to you! And thank you for sharing those lovely pictures and reminding us to reach out to loved ones while we have the chance. :-)Traci

Paula D said...

I dont have my mom either. I know how you feel. Your words about loving them while they are here are so true.

Robin Perry said...


Thank you for sharing your mama with us. I love the pics you posted. The one of her in the pool with the green frog on her shoulder freaked me out a bit, though!

I am blessed that I still have my mom. She only lives an hour away but I don't get to see her or my Dad often enough.

GlitteryKatie said...

Happy Birthday to Your Mama Gabby!
You never get over losing your Mum but the pain gets better as time goes by!
Be brave Gabby and hold in there.
Always say Happy Birthday to my Momma, still miss her after 20 years.
God bless our beautiful Mothers!