YES...I am a Friday kinda girl! I always look forward to Friday's because that means I can sleep later than usual...2 in the A.M. and wake up until 10 or so on Saturday! LOL! I know...WOW huh? Anywho...I got to cleaning my little craft room and so I didn't stamp. I did however print out some digi's and have them ready to play with tonight! I need to stay happy by coloring because the coming week will be filled with house work. My sister is coming from Arizona for Dia De Los Muertos to visit mom's grave and well...I need to wash blankets, fix rooms and make space because I think my niece and her son is coming with.

Anywho...I'll show you something quick! I joined Joni's "Theme Secret Sister" swap and we get a sister to shop for. My sisters theme was Winter/Snowflakes...so this is what I got her! I hope she likes! BTW...check out my recent frugalities...I made a "snowflake" from the leaf/branch punch, the corner punching is actually made with the eyelet border punch...and last but now least...I made my own Dew Drops. I used the clear baubles I got at Mike's and used alcohol ink to dye them. I'm selling those just in case you're interested. You get 350 in total...300 in 6 different colors and 50 clear for $3.50 plus shipping. I package them in zip-lock baggies all in a mix.

Ok...I'll let you go now. Stuff to do...images to color...lol. BTW...if you wanna make this box which BTW is freakin' awesome! You can find the tutorial HERE! I really like these like A LOT! I even made one for Halloween...remember some posts back? See ya'll tomorrow!


the whimsical butterfly said...

Wow! Who KNEW you could do that w/ alcohol inks...guess I shouldn't be surprised since you can do that stuff w/ Copics, etc. but WOW these are awesome! What a fun, festive little array! LOVE IT!

PaperCrafty said...

Beautiful card Gabby!! Your SS is one lucky girl!!