Ozzy Inkz Roboti-X Sneak Peek

Hey! Just wanted to show you a little something coming up for Ozzy Inkz! It's a set of 8 robots hand drawn by none other than my little guy...Ozzy! I have to admit my jaw was on the floor after I saw these! All that imagination in one 10 year old's head! WOW! LOL!

We didn't end up going to my in-laws because Oscar had to work overtime (thank God) so I broke out some CS and decided I'd play with Ozzy's robots. Sentiment is also printed...fun sentiment huh? LOL!

C5, C3, N6, N3, & N1

CS/DP: BBlack, BGray, Black & White DP, & GP CS
Ink: Copics
Stamps: Ozzy Inkz Roboti-X
Embellishments: brads


~*Joni said...

GABBY!! OMword this is sooo awesome! I just got through watching Transformers 2 this weekend. I can totally see why everyone confuses me for Megan Fox. ;) LOL! Now that you had your laugh for the day, tell Ozzy that I think he is absolutely amazing!! I love this robot, he is so powerful and masculine!! Your card in all its grays is so awesome. What a good idea, he can market these for boy cards!

Jennifer said...

Very cute, Gabby! Your son is very talented. I wish my DH can get OT right now.

PaperCrafty said...

Very cute card Gabby!! Ozzy did a great job!!

Nicola said...

Hey Missus

How's it going? Oscar's drawings are so cool. He's a very talented young man. Hope you guys are all well.