Bombshell Stamps Hump Day HOP!

It's that time again for the Bombshells to GET HOPPING again!!!

Hello ladies and welcome to another Bombshell Stamps HOP! Today we are to alter anything we have in the home and of course use any Bombshell Stamps to alter. PLEASE feel free to play along if you own some Bombshells. If you don't...you can always go shopping HERE! ;)

I was lacking SERIOUS creativity so I ended up altering a frame I had bought a LONG time ago that was looking a reason to be used. Well...I grabbed it and decided...this needs to be altered. I printed out a picture of my momma...rest her soul...and make it HER! Everything on this frame is stuff my mom really loved. Roses...the color red...birds (of all kinds)...and most of all...she liked to "dress up" hence the ribbon with red Stickles.

Then some time ago Shannon sent me this AMAZING foam skull...well2 of them...and I decided to alter this one for Dia De Los Muertos. I had it on my moms tomb for a day and brought it home. All the cemetery would do is either take it for them (the cleaners) or throw it away and I just couldn't let than happen. So I brought it home and it's on my moms altar. :) Here are my kids on Dia De Los Muertos! Thanks Shannon!

LOOK at the goodies you could win!!!

So remember to be in the draw for a chance to win these goodies leave comments on the Bombshell girls blogs (the more comments the more entries you get!)

OR you could play along with our January Sketch Competition. See Details HERE!

ALSO...don't forget I have a Bombshell Blog Candy going on! Go HERE for the deets! I draw a name on my birthday...so post your comment before Feb. 1st at midnight...that's the cut off! Then come back on Feb. 2nd for the winner!

Now go HOP!!!!!













Miss Magoo


Kas said...

Both projects are very cool. What a beautiful picture of your mother. I love the picture of your children also!

Alison said...

That skull is awesome! I love it! You made it look great!

Alex said...

Wonderful projects!~


Cheryl Valadez said...

Both of your projects are awesome! The frame is stunning and a wonderful way to honor your mother's memory :)

Darsana said...

This is a very nice frame and a sweet tribute to your mom. Thank you for sharing with us.

Kathi said...

Your frame is gorgeous and perfect for a treasured photo of your mom.

The Sugar Skull is very cool too.

Melissa Melissa said...

wow and this is you at a non creative moment....Im impressed.

The Lone Dollier said...

Cool Skull remodel! I wouldn't have had any clue what to do with something like that LOL.


Bombshell Stamps said...

Fantastic alter job Gabby! I love the alter frame and you definitely did that skull justice! Love it!!!

MrsETaylor said...

The skull is wonderful Gabbi. Sending you huge hugs and putting in a prayer for you and your loved ones.

Stephanie said...

Great job on the frame, Gabby! I love how you incorporated all of your momma's fave things - what a perfect way to remember her!

Alyssa S said...

Great frame and skull! You always put so much of yourself into everything you make and this is no exception. Your mom would've loved it :o)

Anonymous said...

Great projects! I hope that things get better for you soon!