Cards for a cause!

I'm an avid Split Coast Stamper subscriber and I came across something to sad while looking at cards made from Rox's great sketches.....there is this girl who is 19 in Canada in need of some kind words, support, and encouragement. Let me copy and paste what is said about her by a great lady who decided to start this great cause.


PLEASE READ!!!! Abmurray's neice need some support

Please take a moment and read this post about Ann's (abmurray) 19 yr old neice. She has been battling bone cancer for some time now. She has had her femur replaced with a rod and 1/3 of her quad muscle removed as well. They can't account for 5-10% of the cancer so they decided to extend the chemo, but she has apparently had enough. Her parents have talked to her and were able to convinced her to extend the first time, but she isn't budging this time. This is an extremely difficult situation for anyone let alone 19 yr old girl who hasn't had a chance to live out her life to the fullest yet. I am posting this thread in hopes of getting cards send to her to lift her spirits and hopefully convince her to continue the chemo...Please send cards that are uplifting and encouraging... I know there are quite a few requests out there for other RAK's but how long does it really take to make just 1 more and get it in the mail? Please stop and take the time to send this young lady a few words of hope and encouragement. I also know she has shown an interest in card making but hasn't really started... Please feel free to stamp a few images and send them as well... If she continues her chemo, maybe this would be something she can do to pass the time a little faster and happier.

Thank you so very much in advance...Cards can be mailed directly to Ann's niece at

Anne Murray

192 MetcalfeGarson,



You can find the story at Split Coast Stampers HERE!


I'm getting ready to spread the word to my groups. Let's shower this young lady with lots of support and encouragement. I'm gonna be active in this because it's hit close to home. My uncle Sal also has bone cancer and he is just so stubborn and doesn't want any chemo anymore and our whole family on my moms side (he's my moms baby brother) and his children are really hurting because he is constantly in pain and in a ruddy mood. He use to stand 6' and now he's almost down a foot of how bad his cancer is. We're just praying it doesn't get worst than it already is...or worst yet. So please, take a couple of minutes, or however long it takes you to make 1 (ONE) card, and send it on it's way.

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