It runs in the family!

Since I am not really in a cardmaking mood...*GASP...I decided I would upload some of my DD'S (who's 11) work. I'm feeling yucky and have a headache, so I asked my DD if it would be ok if I uploaded some of her work on my blog, and of course she was more than happy for me to share her work. I had to text her at school...lol. It's her nutrition period so I doubt any teacher was bothered.

This card was for a Valentine's Day swap. This was one of her favorite sets, but now that she's 'growing up", she is more into my "flourishes" stamps. Monkey See, Monkey Do!

This is one she made for a Halloween swap last year. This is yet another set she loved but now just sits on the backburner for me to use...*sigh*.

This one was for an ATC to card swap. She created the ATC first and then was to make the card revolving around the image. I love this stamp! I won it for her on eBay...yes, she's addicted to eBay too!

Wow...what can I say about this card she made. I was blown away by it because I haven't tried this masking and daubbing technique! This was for a silhouette swap and as she sat with me to make our cards, I noticed she grabbed my dauber and wondered what in the world was she gonna do. Well when I saw her punch out a circle with my Giga punch and then used the negative, I knew she was about to do some masking. For an 11 year old...it is phenomenal.
Well...my headache is coming on stronger. I'm sorry I had a lame update...lol. I'll do better once I've gotten some sleep in and don't feel as "dopey".


lv said...

Oh man how embarrasing. Thanks mom.

Anonymous said...

I LOOOOOOVE the last one!!! I don't know how I missed this blog. Your work is wonderful! Thanks for the tag.