Happy Sunday reminder!

Hello all and happy Sunday! Just wanted to remind you to hop along with us fans of Club Anya for the ALL CUSTOMERS HOP! You wont wanna miss the sneek peaks by the DT and the stuff the wonderful Anya/Ian fans will have for you! The hop starts at 7 PM CST... Can't wait to see you there! I'm taking my project with me to my MIL's house to finish it off. I've been in such a down mood I hadn't worked on it! YIKES! Today I have some pep...so I'll take advantage of it. ;)

Here are the times I converted using an online time converter.

8 PM Eastern
7 PM Central
6 PM Mountain
5 PM Pacific
5 PM Alaska

For others...check this site out to see what time it'll be for you!

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Pam Varnell said...

Stilling sending you big {{{{{hugs}}}}} Gabby. Hope your days gets better.