Oooohhhh and Aaaahhhh...Bombshell Stamps Ad on SCS!

So I was trolling on the BSS forum at Bombshell Stamps and came across a topic that said something about a BSS ad on SCS...so being nosey I checked it out and saw that Shannon finally got a well deserved (and well worked on) spot on SCS!!! Think Bombshell Stamps will get some attention now?!

Bombshell Stamps need to be out there in the limelight just like other cutsie stamps. Don't get me wrong...I LOVE cutsie stamps...but come on...Bombshell Stamps are AMAZING! Have you seen their Sugar Skull collection on pre-sale? If you read my blog I'm sure you have! *wink*

Anywho...I went on SCS to do some detective work and refreshed a page a few times and check out what I saw!

YUP...there it was! :D Of course that made me excited because not only am I a DT for BSS...but their line is kick @$$!!! If you haven't given Bombshell Stamps a try...what are you waiting for? Go get a few sets NOW!

For a limited time...pre-order 3 Sugar Skull sets and get a FREE Shrine Template that'll be emailed to you when your stamps ship! If you're into this kind of art...trust me...you'll love the shrine template! Hey...get it just in time for Halloween or Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead)!!!

ALSO...you still have time to enter the blog banner contest! Read more about it HERE!

Click on the banner to go to Bombshell Stamps now!

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Jacqueline said...

That is so Rockin, Bombshell totally deserves some SCS LOVE too! so funny I thought I was on my blog listening to Arizona!! LOL! great song!! hugs!