Coloring Baubles Embossing Style!

So upon visiting my bloggy friend Meg...I came across a cool tutorial she had on coloring those clear baubles from Mike's! You know...the ones in the floral section that are for vases? She used alcohol inks and dumped them into baggies with a few drops to give them color...how cute she calls them Skittles! LOL! You can check her tutorial out HERE!

Now here I thought of another way to color them! Only my way takes more time and patience depending on how many baubles you wanna "color"! Ok...so here goes:

~Mike's clear "baubles"
~Embossing Powders (you can even use scented!!!)
~Piercing tool
~Heat gun (embossing gun)
~Embossing ink (Versamark maybe?)

1. Grab a clear bauble and turn it upside down (belly to the bottom).
2. Heat ONLY the tip of any piercing tool you may have. (I used my heat gun to heat it up)
3. Insert (or stab as my DD says) the piercing tool tip right in the middle of the bauble.
4. Dab either your embossing ink pad (I used Versamark) ON TO the bauble OR paunce your bauble on to the pad until it's "saturated" the dome part (belly) of the bauble.
5. Have your embossing powder open before step 4 to be ready and then DIP your bauble still on the pirecing tool into your EP.
6. Lightly (so the bauble wont fall off the piercing tool) tap off any extra EP.
7. Hold piercing tool at an angle and then heat set the EP with your heat gun. (be careful not to burn your fingers...lol)
8. OPTIONAL: repeat steps 5 - 7 until you've acheived what you like.
9. Blow cool air or hold bauble to any air source (I used my mini fan on my desk) until it's completely dry and cool and just pop the bauble off the piercing tool.

That's it! Now you have baubles in any fabulous EP colors to match your project! I'll make a card using the baubles I "colored" soon! Have fun bauble coloring!

BTW...these baubles are $2 for a bag about 5 - 6 inches tall and 3 inches wide...THAT'S A LOT OF BAUBLES!!! Think cheap! ;) No wait...BE FRUGAL! :P


Stampin' Meg said...

oh no way do I have that much patience- you are crazy girl!!!

Lisaa728 said...

What a FABULOUS idea! I can't wait to try it! I have what seems like kazillions of those baubles that got passed onto me from my mother! Woo Hoo! I finally get to do something (useful)with them! Have a GREAT weekend!

Velta said...

you are too artistic for me Gabby...I have got to try this technique...I have "blog candy" come to visit :)

Maria said...

So cool, Gabby! You did a wonderful job with your tutorial. . thank you for sharing!

I love how those baubles turned out. Very pretty!


kathleenh said...

Great idea on coloring the baubles. Thanks for the tutorial!

Kristi said...

OMG you are brillant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LOOK at this...WOW I am going to tell everyone about this that you made...OMG you are so smart!!!

GinaP said...

oh WOW, what a pretty result! I've never heard of baubles before, but at that price, I'm sure off to get some today!!! Oh, and this reminds me of the embossing brads thing, too. Great idea!! Thanks for sharing this, girl!