Hola everyone!

I'm so happy I want to scream...but I'll still knock on wood though because I'm still not on the safe side. The dude that fixed my computer installed a new hard drive but updated me to Windows Vista. So what's the downside to that right? Well...my computer doesn't have enough RAM to run Vista...so needless to say my computer is sllloooooowwwwww. We already coughed up $160...OUCH...and we're not about to blow more money on RAM...we can't do that just now. GREAT!. Still with me you never know what's gonna happen next huh? LOL! Anywho...I have my computer back...AND THE DUDE WAS ABLE TO SAVE MY FILES!!!! YAY! That made me the happiest...to know he saved my pics. I've now backed all my pictures up on discs...as well as my digi everything. So I'll be back soon...Tuesday to be exact with a new post with a card for Tuesday Morning Sketches...so I hope to see you here! Thank you to those who came and visited and commented my blog while I was gone. :)

BTW...here is a picture of my empty nest...lol! It was nicely replaced while PC was gone though...lol.

So...have you gone to my "dark side" Deadly Creations? ...check it out!

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