Just some random stuff to share...

I'm in a bit of a random mood right now so here is a HILARIOUS video I wanted to share. I LOVE a babies laugh so I searched for some laughing babies videos on YouTube...well I saw the title something about all women being born like this and OMG...I couldn't stop laughing! I could watch it over and over and I can NOT get annoyed with it! Warning...if you don't like talkative kids with screeching little voices...this is NOT for you! If you don't mind it...well go ahead and view it. A word of caution...your teeth will hurt at the sweetness of it! LOL! She looks so serious with what she's saying too...LMBO!

ALSO...I just updated my crochet blog! YAY! Finally! My computer looks like it's running a bit faster...no wait...A LOT faster after I did some serious defraging and what not. Now there is just a small technical difficulty I'm gonna get checked up. I already backed up some files...JUST IN CASE! Poor Jenny (she's the skinnier younger version of Big Bertha R.I.P.) has taken some beatings with LV and me. :S LOL! K...enjoy the rest of your day and I'll be back soon with another post!

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