I was asked...in continuance to last post...

Ok...I was asked both by comment and email to please post the picture of the actual cupcake to see...so here I am posting it! I tell ya...this thing is pretty big compared to the ones I've been selling. I used my iPod Touch in reference to size. I'm sure you know how big a Touch is...so pretty much it's a bit bigger in width. It measures 4x4! That's the largest I made using my second to last biggest hook. The next largest hook I have it to make light weight keyhole cable hats (like the slouchy ones you see teens and young women use)...I don't even want to image the size of THAT cupcake...LOL! Like seriously...what would you use a ginormous crocheted cupcake for? HAHAHA! This one is great for decor AND can work as a large pin cushion. :D Enjoy! Hey...maybe a larger one can be used for a decorative pillow? LOL!

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