Paper Makeup Stamps review on "All that I am..."

Hello peeps and welcome to my review of the newest Paper Makeup release! I didn't get to sneak peek this amazing word art...but when I saw it in the store..."All that I am..." I had to get it...in digi cause my hands got anxy! LOL!

When I read it though...I started crying because this has been the ONLY stamp that's out there that really captures who I am. All that I am truly is because of my dear momma. She raised me well and she raised me right and I took cues from her being a mother once I became a mother myself. She may not have been the most exemplar mother out there...but she was a damn good one! No one can ever tell me different. She had her flaws like I'm sure we all do...but I learned from them. But mostly...she had her motherly instincts...and that's what I paid most attention to.

It's funny because there are things I do that I now notice more that I do just like my mom. Even my kids tell me that I'm just like Tita. That makes me happy and I know then I'm making my momma proud. :D So thank you Shaela and Paper Makeup Stamps for setting forth a stamp I'm very happy and proud to own. :D Splitcoast Stampers for color challenge CC266.

Alrighty peeps...I am out! Got a LONG day tomorrow at Disneyland and I still have MANY chores undone...lol!!!


Rach said...

oooo, this is beautiful.x

Cheryl Valadez said...

This card is not only gorgeous, but so special, too! Thank you for sharing it with us ;D

Debby said...

It's true that we turn in to our Mothers. A lovely sentiment to your Mother and a GORGEOUS card!