Paper Makeup Stamps Release Week in Review!

Hey guys! What is UP? Ready for a new week? I'm not...lol! I don't know why...but for some reason this weekend went by fast! I just remember is being Friday! WHAT!!!

Anywho...today I am once again bringing to you a review of the corset set Oo La La! This set is ubber sexy and it's available now in the Paper Makeup store! Go check it out if you haven't yet! Make sure to go to Paper Makeup Stamps blog to see who else is making an Oo La La review as well!

On a second note...see those cute paper flowers I've used? Well...you want some? Well...you're in luck! I'm selling some! While going out to the 99 cent store I saw that a craft store opened up next door...so who am I to pass up a craft store. There I found some cute lace, ribbon, and just craft stuff galore! Nothing like Michael's though...this is more for those who make those party favors etc... Then I go down this one isle and there were all kinds of paper flowers...from very large for bouquets to very small...like for cards! ;) So I picked up some to try something new. I use to sell stuff like this long time ago...way before I even blogged and it went pretty well. So with no job and limited funds I said why not try this out again by investing a bit? With selling some of my crocheted stuff I had some spending money so I decided I'd take this little endeavor. You can find my sale page above on the For Sale tab or just go directly there through here! Thanks a bunch for checking them out!


Sheri (a.k.a PaperCrafty) said...

Gorgeous cards, Gabby!! Love the pearl and flower accents!!

Cheryl Valadez said...

Gabby, this card is fabulous and the sentiment cracks me up! I love a funny play on words! Beautiful coloring and awesome layout. Sheesh, what don't I love about this card? Absolutely nuttin', cuz it's perfect ;D