What a punk and we're off to Disneyland!

Hey all...before we head off to Disneyland thanks to BIL George who works there and gave us passed...I wanted to make sure I left you with a card. I want this to be a record week where I post from Monday to Friday! ;) Who knows when I'll do that again! LOL!

Anywho...this card I made for Club Anya's Getting Punky with it... challenge. Of course I am almost always late...but still...I had morphed my images together to make this punk so I had to color him up and slap him on a card...lol. Can you believe I used 3 digi's to make him? I used Flirty Edward, Joseph, & Dressy Jeremy. I used Edwards head and shaved off part of his hair to give him that mohawk...lol...then I used Josephs top part of his body and Jeremy's pants and eyes to complete my punk. I found some stickers I bought EONS ago and thought they were too cute not to used...they're "safety pin" stickers...lol...cool huh? Also went a bit nuts with the sewing machine as you can tell...lol. It needed to be used again...don't want it to collect dust! After I was done with it...LV told me he kinda looked like the drummer from Green Day...except he doesn't have green and black hair...so with that vision...I drew up a pair of drumsticks! :D He's dope! I have one more Green Day member to make...I already made the drummer on this card...and then the lead singer with this card...now one more to go to complete the band...lol! I've made some pretty awesome musicians huh? From the Jonas Brothers to Axl Rose...lol. Let's see who I make next! ;)

K...by the time you read this I'll be having a blast at Disneyland! I haven't been there in AGES so I'm pretty stoked! :D See you guys tomorrow for Paper Makeup's Makeup for the Weekend! ;)


~*Joni said...

Gabby this is sooo punky cool! Wonderful job morphing all the images together, just perfect. :D Have fun in DL sweetie! You all deserve it!

Madeleine Bouquet said...

That is so awesome! I love it!:)


WickedPixie said...

Gabby, I cannot express how much I love this! You totally ROCK!! Hope yo have a lot of fun today! :-)Traci