I hear it's wonderful...in California...

The Jonas Brothers couldn't have put it better than with this little snippet from their song "Hello Beautiful". OMG it was such a MAGNIFICENT day to have played at Disneyland. The sky was blue...the weather was fresh...we couldn't have asked for more! To say we had a blast at Disneyland would be more of an understatement. I was taken back to my last time I was there 23 years ago. Everything remained the same as I remember...except for the addition of California Adventure park and a few tweaks here and there in rides. It felt like a dream being there again...I felt like a kid once again! I left all my troubles and cares at the gate and all my anxiety and fears somehow disappeared because I didn't give a hoot at who I thought was "looking at me". Those with anxiety understand what I'm saying. Once I was in there it was truly magical. I know it's cheesy to say a place can be magical...but if you've been to Disneyland or Disney World...it IS magical! If you haven't been to a Disney park...you must even if just once in your lifetime.

All the walking and all the pain in the world I'm feeling right now in my feet and legs is worth it...lol. Can you imagine me...big fatty walking all over Disneyland...and not in order of themes either...we went were Lizzie wanted to go because she was the birthday girl...and so that meant hopping from one land to the other...even if it was across the park from where we were. Good Lord if someone would have told me how tired I would be the day after...LOL! Still...like I said...worth it. Just by looking at my kids faces and the smiles on them and the wide eyes...worth 20 more walks at Disneyland. It's no wonder there are people addicted to Disneyland/World. I understand it now as we all wanna go again soon...lol. Here's a couple pics from out day. :D You can click on them for a larger view.

The End!

Have a GREAT weekend! I'm having guests over so I'll be scarce. See y'all next week!

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Creepy Glowbugg said...

What great fun! You guys really needed that! I walked my fat arse around Dland for a whole week! I walked funny for a few days, and not for the regular reasons, believe me. Wouldn't trade it all for the world! Can't wait to go back. Maybe I'll win the lottery and send a limo for you and the fam so we can cause fat girl havoc in the park! Have you heard of "Bats Day in the Park'? All the goths and wearers of black, join up in the park for a day of gothic fun and games. My son is trying to plan a trip next year. We'll see.