HAHAHAHA! Happy Day After April Fools

I know...I'm sick right? Making you all think I was going, going, GONE! I told hubby about it and at first he was all "oh man babe, don't do that...you've already put them through so much of the drama we're going through to now trick them like that?" then he laughed and said..."you better apologize the day after" Well DUH! I am very sorry if you thought it was true...lol...I'm just silly Gabby in much better spirits. I'm happy because I'll be back online Saturday!!! YAY!!! My taxes came and although only a tiny bit is left for me to "indulge" in myself...we're caught up more than we had even expected. Not only due to Oscar still having his job and what not...but the HUGE help you ALL provided by both purchasing the Moody for Rock digi Katie had up for me...and also for the monetary gifts you sent. I honestly do NOT know how to ever thank you all. I really don't know how to ever repay your amazing generosity...but most of all...your amazing thoughts and prayers. One day I will pay it forward.

Ok...I think this will be my last post from my iTouch. Very soon I'll have my internet service back on and can show some of the stuff I've made. Mostly crochet stuff...but I did some stamping/coloring digi's! ;) Love you guys!


Angie said...

LOL! I loved it Gabby, and I'm glad things are working out! Have a great day!

WickedPixie said...

I'm really glad it was just a joke, and so happy that things are looking up for you!;-)Traci

Sheng said...

hahaha...loved your April Fool's joke.

Nicola said...

So glad your sticking around.

Love ya!


Joani said...

I'm so glad that you'll be around ~ I've been missing ya! I need my daily fix of the Gabster Ü
Even if I don't post I'm always around, your on my stop of daily pop in's.
Love ya Missy!!