Coaster Post It Notes Holder Tutorial

2 sheets 6 x 6 CS or DP
2 sheets 3 3/4 CS in coordinating colors (optional)
2 4 x 4 coasters
1 3 1/2 x 7 sheet CS
Post It Notes
Stamped Images or stickers(optional)
embellishments (optional)
ribbon or fibers (at least 20 inches +)
punches (optional)
scraps (optional)

1. Take your coaster and your 6x6 CS/DP and center the coaster in the center of the 6x6 sheet...you can eyeball it.

2. Fold in the corner tips into the center of the coaster. Keep down with tape. Do this to all 4 corners.

3. Now fold in all 4 sides.

4. (OPTIONAL) To round the edges, gently hold the coaster up on it's side and push with enough pressure to soften the edges and roll until you are happy with the rounding of the corners.

5. Continue now on to the Post It cover.

6. Take your 3 1/2x7 sheet and your Post It to do some measuring. Line up your CS unto a ruler or sheet with measurings.

7. Use your Post It's to measure the middle where you're gonna score and fold for the spine. Take a pencil and lightly mark the middle mark.

8. Once you have your middle marks, take your scorer and score down to the lines to create the creases for your spine.

9. Add glue/double sided tape to the spine of the Post It's, line up with cover, and adhere.

10. Turn over Post It's already adhered to the cover and now glue the back down let dry if needed.

11. If you haven't done so, now is your time to stamp images if you'll be using them, or finishing off what will be your "front". (that's what the 3 3/4 square sheets are for...you may only need one OR you can use them as liners for the inside of the coasters...the choice is yours!)

12. Set the front aside and now we'll attach the Post It's cover to the coasters.

13. Starting with the back coaster, add glue and adhere. Align the cover to the middle of the coaster to cover the inside (if you chose not to use the liners).

14. Now do the same to the front cover.

15. (OPTIONAL) Wrap your ribbon (approx. 20 inches or more needed) over the coasters (before adhering the "front"). Use glue dots or double sided tape to hold down the ribbon. Leave long strands to the opening side of the coasters.

16. Tie ribbon

17. Decorate as desired!!

Here is the final outcome! Hope you've enjoyed this tutorial and if you make one...let me know! I would love to see what you made!


Lori J said...

That is a great tutorial. You did a wonderful job on the book. :0)

Marilyn said...

Gabby - this tutorial is awesome!! The pictures and everything make it look super easy - I do need to try this - glad you are feeling better!! Thanks for stopping by my site too...

jensmessystudio said...

AWESOME job!! thanks for tutorial on this!! glad to hear you're doing better!! I can relate being sick!! I am still trying to recover from pneumonia! ugh!

Stampin' Meg said...

very cool project!

Debbie Olson said...

This is totally gorgeous! You did a fabulous job with your tutorial pictures too!

Joani said...

Thanks so much! I so need to make some now! I love your tut's - you are DA-bomb baby!!

pamela said...

Cute idea

Anonymous said...

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