I'm baaaaack!!!

Hey readers...I am BACK! I finally had some time to come and update since the whole carpet thing! Man it was heck...but it's finally done and over with and now have more time to rub my bare feets thru my new rug while stamping! Oh heaven! LOL! When putting things back, I, well hubby, told me I should also rearrange my craft room...and believe it or not...he's got good taste! Now with the weather warming up and looking at clear blue skies...I like how he told me to turn my desk over to the large window so I can have a view while I craft. Ahhh...he wants me to craft in comfort!!! Here is what my craft room now looks like! Oh...and the carpet color has some of my favorite SU colors...LOL! The colors are CChip, C2Cocoa, CCaramel, & VVanilla!!! I want to embellish the heck out of it with some pinks or aquas...but it's not possible! LOL!


Sonya said...

The carpet looks fantastic Gabby!

Maria said...

Hey Gabby! Wow, your craft looks great with the carpet! It looks so comfy! Great arrangement of your stuff too!

I have an advise. . .I have carpet in my room and when I craft, well. . .I end up dropping things. . .e.g. glitter, embossing powder, scraps, etc. To preserve your carpet, be sure to place a plastic mat (office mat). . .it'll keep your carpet nice and clean and you won't feel too bad when something drops and also it's easier to clean!!