Subscription Question

UPDATE: OK...you guys are gonna think I'm such a dork...but I had NO idea what Google reader was until I Googled it...LMBO!!! Ok...so now I get it! DUH GABBY!!! So I'm not a Google reader...LOL! Thanks to you all for your wonderful encouraging comments! MUAH!!!

Hi there and good Sunday! Ok...I woke up this morning checking my email and noticed 5 unsusbcriptions in my inbox and I'm wondering what's going on. What am I doing wrong, what would you like to see...etc. In total I've lost 12 subscribers out of 24 I had...that's half!!! Is this blog not interesting anymore? Do you not like my latest creations? Any feedback is greatly appreciated. While I'm having fun posting my stuff...I don't know then how much effort more I should place when I'm not interesting anymore. Oh well...I guess I'll continue my blog journey and hope that the rest of my subscribers stay with me and enjoy my postings.Thanks!

Heartbroken in So. Cal.
Walking Home Crying


Melanie said...

One was my mistake! I thought I was unsubbing from a different blog. I love your work Gabby! Your truly a stamping diva! :)

Sandi said...

I switched from email subscription to reading you on the Google Reader so I am still with you!!

Jackie said...

I wouldn't be too heartbroken - they are probably just using Google Reader instead of subscribing by email, that's how I read your blog. I wish Google would provide a way to relay that information to bloggers so we would know how many readers we have!

Lesa said...

I have had that happen to. I think more people are going with google reader as it is easy to have it all in one place and not have to click on each one that you want to see. Chin up you are doing fine. ;)

Bunny B said...

I'm subscribed to you on Google reader! I love your cards! :)

daiseyfreak said...

Gabby, I'm not a subscriber, but I look at your blog all the time. I love all your work, you are so very talented and entertaining, I still loves ya!

Joani said...

I will always be one of your fan's Gabby! You are da bomb Baby!!!
Love everything you do. You've got the midas touch when it comes to papercrafting!

Tammy said...

Gabby darling...also...some people may not have actually "UNSUBSCRIBED"...sometimes things happen and they are accidentally unsubscribed. You need to go into your account and perhaps they only need reactivated. Check it out. I had about 4 on mine that were accidentally bumped of.
You also may want to check your own subscriptions to other's....because I found a bunch of folks, whose blogs I LOVE getting, but somehow they were unchecked on my list. I only needed to reactivate them to get them BACK into my subs.
Check it out....perhaps they haven't left you after all! ;o)

Marilyn said...

I'm with everyone else - I now use google reader to get my updates - much easier than getting tons of email every day and it comes all at once on the webpage and much more easier to manage. I am sure that is what has happened! You are a fabulous blogger, love your site, and you rock girl!! Chin UP not down!! Okay?!