another quick update

Hello all and thank you for your continued thoughts for me. Today I started feeling a little bit better. Since my last update I was in and out of the hospital again. The doctor said I would be having these relapses until the right insulin would help me adapt. My sugar has been out of whack...the highest I had it the last time was 477. Then it dropped to 38. They're trying to find the right dose to maintain it. I've lost weight...35 pounds to be exact. I'm suppose to be in bed but I can't count on anyone to help me...so I try to get up just enough to make the house livable. This is when I wish I was rich to get some help...lol.

Anywho...I managed to get a card done for the Paper Makeup Stamps peeks and couldn't show it because 1. I've been in bed without any energy and then 2. LV lost my camera. She had been taking it to school to take pictures with her friends since she's graduating from middle school soon and well...she lost it... Which leads me to apologize...

Katie and girls at Paper Makeup Stamps...I am so sorry I came to fail you all. I honestly wish I didn't have this crap going on because the last thing I wanna feel like is a failure...and that's what I feel like right now. I know I've been told to rest and that life comes first...but being part of a design team is part of my life...and I do apologize.

I think that's about it for now. I need to send stuff out and what not so I'll take advantage of this burst of energy. Thanks to you all for your continued support.

About the blog candy...I'll have LV update tonight who the winner is so I can send that out too. I do apologize for that too...

Lots of love!!!


An update

I'm so sorry I hadn't been around. I was in the hospital and then when I came home I had to rest. My doctor that's attending to me says I was on deaths door. That's some scary stuff to hear... But thanks to prayers and faith and someone who doesn't want me yet...here I am with a new outlook on life. Still a bit tired and what not but I'm headed there. Just wanted to update you guys... I don't want you to think I went running to the hills again...lol. Turns out I was not taking very good care of herself in the past...I always left me last. Well now look...here I am now with a slew of problems and suffering from my consequences. I am now a diabetic, with bad cholesterol levels, high blood pressure...and that's on top of the other crap I suffer from. Being in the hospital though and being told I was hanging on by a very thin thread...that made me look at things in a new perspective. From now on I'm gonna be putting myself first.

Alright guys...when I have a bit more energy I'll update again. In the meanwhiles... ALL OF YOU...PLEASE TAKE CARE OF YOURSELVES!!!