Long time eh?

Hello girls. Don't know how many of you still remember me. Anyways, just wanted to make an update after how long? Almost a year? Things have just been extremely crazy at home. I'm still trying to settle my mind-frame after losing both my parents. It's been a hard road, but I'm getting there. The kids are the ones that have been my main support. With Oscar working so many hours, I really can't count on him, but he's trying.

Not too long ago, I went through a mental breakdown and now aside from controlling my sugar levels, I now battle general anxiety. I can't function that well when it comes to outside my home. I feel like a prisoner to be honest, but I'm trying hard to work on that. Stress is still a huge factor, I don't know when I'll be able to control that. Still, I'm alive and give thanks to God for that. He obviously feels there's a purpose for me to be around, so I'll follow him.

I also went into a bad depression a year after my mom's passing. It was hard to grasp that it had been a year, yet it felt like if it was just yesterday. This year, we had my father's one year anniversary of his passing, and that too was hard. Mainly because I couldn't be by his side at his time of death. I'm sure he knows that I was there in spirit though. He knew very well who his daughter (the one that took him away from us) was.

On a brighter note, Elvira had her Sweet 15 birthday last month. My baby girl is growing up so fast. She's in high school and is doing great. As are my two other kiddoes. Little Oscar turned 12 this year and he's a very bright boy. He doesn't draw as much as he use to, and sometimes he asks me about his Ozzy Inkz blog. Lizzie, oh my little Lizzie, she's just the same princess she's always been. She'll be 7 in a few days. Where is the time going? Geez!

Well, I think this was enough of an update I have for now. I've had to let go of MANY of my stamping supplies, but I've still kept those stamps that are too near and dear to my heart. If I was to have to let go of those, I think I would cry and go into another depression. I want to get my hands into making cards again, I'm catching that bug again. If I do, you'll be seeing my creations. I'm afraid I've lost my touch, but with time and patience, I'll get back there again. :)

Thank you all for the love and support you've shown me through my rough times.


croppixie said...

Hi Gabby, welcome back, I've really missed you girl!! I'm glad to hear your kids are doing fabulous and that you are doing well. Can't wait to see what you beautiful work you have up your sleeves.
Wishing you lots of Mojo.
Big Hugs

Carisa said...

It's so good to hear from you! I really admire your style and your willingness to bear all here for us on your blog. I've been battling PPD as well as anxiety disorders and I've found that stamping actually HELPS! I hope you will find that too. Even if you make it for no one to see but you, I"m sure it will bring you some inner peace. *hugs* I do hope you are feeling better and more yourself soon. You're missed but as you can see I'm not going anywhere and will continue to follow and be here when you decide to put up some pretty pics of your art again! <3

Michele L. said...

Hi Gabby,
I'm so glad to see an update. I think of you often. You were defintely missed and I somehow doubt that you lost your stamping abilities!
Many hugs and I cannot wait to see your new cards!
ciao chica!

Joani said...

Oh Gabby! How I've missed you. I often thought of you and Mom and I wondered if you were ok ~ we both sent you cards and no response. Then when I saw you were no longer on SCS I couldn't help but think the worst! I'm so glad to know that your still around and I will be awaiting your wonderful creations. Someone with the talent you have does not lose it ~ it's there, you just have to use it.
Glad your back ~ missed you bunches!

Jackie said...

Oh Gabby! I am so glad to hear that you are alright, I have been thinking about you from time to time. Your stories and creations are surely missed. I hope that things continue to get better for you, and I think stamping is like riding a bike, you don't loose it! I hope to hear more good news and updates, huge hugs and you know we are here if you need us!


terry said...

Sorry you've been going through so much. You're not alone! We're out here and so many of us experience the same pains and issues even if it feels as if we're the only ones. Expressing yourself through art will always help...just jump in there again...your mojo will grow! Your talent is never lost!

Anonymous said...

Sorry you are still having a rough time. I have been thinking about you and how you are doing. Thank you for updating us.
Stephanie formerly from Bell Gardens.

Genetta said...

So great to see an update from you. I hope to see some of your creative genius soon. Keep your head up.

Melissa Craig said...

Hi Gabby!! OMG, girlfriend, I am so happy that you're back and to hear from you. I've been thinking about you and hoping you're doing ok. You've never been out of my thoughts and my heart.

Happy 15th to Elvira, happy 12th to Ozzy and happy big girl 7 to Lizzie. Brendan turned 16, Hollyanne 13 and Levi 12. They are all growin up!!

Take care of yourself and this time, stay in touch!! LOL {{HUGS}}

GlitteryKatie said...

So sorry you've been through SUCH a hard time.
Anxiety and depression are the worst things to battle against- but there is a way out, been there and I came through.
Just wanted to send you love,Glittery Katiexxx