Paper Makeup Stamps A WEEK IN REVIEW!

God I am so happy today is Wednesday! With my dang anxiety I'm super happy I'm one day away from my hubby's day off. Dumb little things like that happen to "tick" my anxiety...hubby heading off to work. I know...it's silly but I'm trying to adjust. This just started recently too...getting anxious about hubby going to work.

So...did you enjoy Paper Makeup Stamps release? Aren't these new stamps awesome? So...did you put in your order? ;) LOL!

Ok...so when I do start getting those anxious feelings and I'm home and the kids are fed and what not...I do what Caliope in the Tub does...soak in hot water (as hot as I can stand it) with bubbles and relax. I've even fallen asleep...lol. Not good right? I know... Still...that Caliope's living the life huh? LOL! I mean what's not to love from sitting in the bath and relaxing to some classical music or some nature sounds in the dark with only a few candles lit? In a way...that's the ONLY best part about my anxiety attacks. Oh...and I even have "nurses" who care to me. My Lizzie comes in with a clipboard and paper and marker and asks me "what's your boo boo mom?"...cute right? Want Caliope? Shop here! Oh...and I have a Paper Makeup Stamps blog candy in the works! So watch for that! It's not gonna be a "comment here and follow" candy...I'm gonna throw down a challenge!!! It hurts to offer candy and ask people to follow and then follow to a week later leave...no...I just can't do that! I'm sorry if that sounds harsh...but I'm in it for friendship and not for hits or popularity! ;)

Anywho...I made this card with me in mind! LOL! I even used my most favorite color combo...it's delicious! It's also for Paper Makeup Stamps challenge...to use ribbon and a button! What's funny is that I made this card BEFORE the challenge was given...so maybe I saw into the future? *GASP* LOL! You have until TONIGHT MIDNIGHT EST to participate to be entered to win a $25 voucher for Paper makeup Stamps! Hope to see you play! For deets...go HERE!

Oh man now I feel like jumping in a nice warm bath...lol! Hope you have your moments of joy...they are precious in life and should be done when possible! So if you're a tub person like me...SOAK IT UP!!!


Barb said...

Too cute, Gabby! Love the bubble details :)

Sheri (a.k.a PaperCrafty) said...

Super cute, Gabby!! Love the little bubbles!!

Randee E said...

So fun Gabby! I love this color combo too! Those little bubbles are perfect :0) Wish I was in a nice HOT bath right now too!

WickedPixie said...

Hi Gabby! This is SO cute! I love the cleanness of it, with those fun bubble accents! :-)Traci

Danni said...

What a cute card!! Love it!

AMIT said...

Hey its so cute work.

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Leah the Orange said...

for REAL!
thanks for the love, Gabby! imagine a person making ONE card, and scouring the internet to see how many challenges it might fit, and entering, then winning them ALL?! crazy. if you GENUINELY combine a whole slew of DIFFERENT challenges, and can work it, then all the power to ya. but 10 different blogs looking for FLOWERS on your project? and entering them all? cripes, just make a few different cards, and spend the time CRAFTING, rather than hunting for more challenges you can try to milk.

ha! and i thought i'd ended my rant. ;)
totally different can of worms, as this person only entered TWO challenges, but they were also two SKETCH challenges. LOL. hard to combine those, no?

hope you're well, purdy lady! i'm still lovin' all those sweet girlie stamps i bought from you!