Tuesday Morning Sketches #44

Hello y'all and welcome to another Tuesday in Tuesday Morning Sketches challenge! I hope you had a great weekend and that you're ready for another sketch to play with!

Ok...let me first begin by letting you know this weeks sponsor. It's non other than Stef AKA Glitterbabe...the lamp shade queen...lol...and her oh so cute images from Glitterbabe's Art Shop! Ok...now when I saw the image I wanted to play with...Lava Lamp...and graciously donated by Stef...I had a vision of what I wanted. Once created...it was SOOOO not what I had envisioned. Same ol' story huh almost every week...like clock work...lol? Yeah...I'll never learn that my visions don't always come true! *blush* Still I love this image and the sentiment I created to go with it. I'm a BIG TIME lava lamp fool...so you know why I chose this image. :D My lava lamp was blue with yellow globs and glitter. Cool huh? I remember I use to sit HOURS with LV as a baby in my arms when she napped and could stare at it to help relax me. Where is my lava lamp when I need it. I may have to go look for one! I had that one for 6 years...so I grew fond of it until Oscar moved in to the picture and decided it wasn't "for us" anymore. Pshhhh! *rolls eyes* Oh well...I'm 33 and I can get another and NO ONE can tell me different...not even Oscar! LOL! BTW...noticed I was the little rebel and flipped the sketch on it's side? Shhh...don't tell Melissa! Oh wait never mind...she knows! OH OH OH...and hold on to your seat, socks, and underware...wait no...yeah...NO COPICS WERE HARMED IN THE MAKING OF THIS CARD! Ok...you can run screaming now! Nope...NO COPICS...all are Prismas! :0 I have been neglecting my first love and that's not right! No sir...or ma'am!

Anywho enough of my silly antics...hope to see you play along! Check out Tuesday Morning Sketches to see what the other chicas have been up to and drop them some love! ;)


margie c said...

Oh, how cute! I love the sentiment! and these colors rock!

Have a happy Tuesday :)
hugs, margie

Sheri (a.k.a PaperCrafty) said...

Very cute, Gabby!! Love the colors!!

Barb said...

Love the lava lamp! Too cute. I remember my sister having one with red wax & gold liquid... waaaaay back in the day :)

Melissa Craig said...

Such a great card Gabby. Its very fun and very retro!! And you're funny!

Christi said...


Jessica G. said...

Fun card, Gabby! Love the color combo and your shading is awesome.

I think you defintely deserve a new lava lamp -- it's as relaxing as a fish tank and requires a lot less maintenance!!