Awards...for ME? For little ol' me?

First of all...I want to thank the little people I had to step on and claw to get this, the bank accounts I had to drain, the USPS, UPS, and all the little stamps inked in the making of my crafts...lol! I am honored to recieve these awards.

This one was awarded to me by Kathleen of My Happy Place. How cute is Lucy & Ethel? Thanks Kathleen...you rock!

Now I want to award:
1. Shelly of Stamp With Shelly
3. Rosella of Rincon Del Encanto
4. Linsey of Outside The Lines
5. Lucy of Midnight Madness
Now ladies...go ahead and spread the love! Cyber hugs!

This one was awarded to my by Shelly of Stamp With Shelly. Man Shelly's work is fanatastic to say the least. Her SCS gallery is filled with awe inspiring work and just browsing thru her blog...WOW!! Thanks Shelly!
Now these bloggers are Rate E in my book of inspiration!
1. Maria of Card Inspired
2. Joani of Cards Made By Hand
3. Kittie of Kittie Craft
4. Beate of Fresh & Fun
Thanks for such wonderful inspiration ladies!!! Cyber hugs!


Shelly said...

I love that Lucy & Ethel one! Thanks for the plug Gabby!

Maria said...

Hi Gabby! Hey thanks for the award! LOL! I'm honored.

I'm mailing out my the "Project Reduce Scrap" swap to you tomorrow and a little something for your birthday. Happy Birthday!! I'm sorry I missed your birthday!

I'm proud that I'm actually sending a swap on time!! LOL!


Kittie said...

Gabby, you made my night. Thank you so much for your Excellent award. How cute and sweet.

Joani said...

No Gabby! You have the excellent blog!!
You are the royal highness of blogs!
Love you to death - mmmuuahhh!

Stampin' Meg said...

Congrats on all your "red carpet" moments!!!
Now don't forget all us little people LOL

Rosella said...

Thank you so much Gabby! Sorry I didn't pick it up sooner. I was feeling a bit down. PMS kind of gets me hard.