Sick as a dog...but...

...I still wanted to post what I worked on before I got sick! It's a bunch of stuff all in one post because I don't know how long this flu will last until I can create more. I want to make sure that if I make a card or craft...I'm NOT sick because I don't want to share my cooties! I'm selfish like that! LMBO!

First item up (sound like the Price is Right huh?):
This is a tote of a series of 4 that I made for a swap I'm in at SCS. We are to show our personalities or shall I say...purse-o-nalities! Here I used the "Pin Up" personality of mine! Since we have to include in the tote something relating to the theme...I made matching flower barrets (not pictured...but here's a sample with my DD wearing one).

Next is my "rocker" side...this is by far my fave! I bet you know why...if you already know me that is! I'm off to Hot Topic this weekend with LV for her birthday...to see what I can pick up to match this tote! I'm thinking those black jelly bracelets Madonna use to wear back in the 80's?

Next are 2 sets of Black & White with a Pop cards also for a SCS swap. I just got a few sets from the Ocassions catty and had to use She's all that for one of the cards.

And last but not least...something not as dark as my "image"...lol! This is a series of 6 cards also for another SCS swap. I just LOVE this chickie!!! The chick is the only reason I bought this set...lol.

I'll add all the details once I'm feeling better. Right now I'm all stuffed up and feverish and not to mention SORE...and just want to head back to bed. Thanks for being faithful readers of my blog even though I tend to be absent plenty. *red faced*


Joani said...

Gabby ~ all your creations are awesome! And that LV is turning into some little lady!
I hope your feeling better soon!

Sonya said...

Wow Gabby, everything looks top notch! those totes are so cool and I LOVE Hot Topic! I used to buy my stationery there..lol That chick is so cute. I hope you feel better soon!!

Nicola said...

Love them all. I really need to try and make a tote. You are so clever and such an inspiration.

I'll be joining you in your illness. Doc told me I had flu today too. Get well soon hun.


kathy said...

Great cards. Hope you feel better

kathleenh said...

Wow, you've been a busy gal with your swaps. Your totes are awesome! So unique and creative. I just love that chick from All cracked up too.

Velta said...

Sorry your feeling bad...it's been all over here where I live and so far so good for me, I haven't gotten it. Love all of thes beautiful cards and purses :)

Stampin' Meg said...

I hope that you feel better soon, GAbby. There sure has been a lot of creeping crud going around this Winter- Your purses are SMASHING!

Rosella said...

What a variation! You have been busy! I do wish you will feel better very soon! All the best Gabby!

Lorraine said...

i hope that you are feeling better. love all the designs here.. the one that i like the best is the purse design with the skull. excellent. i know my 14 year old dd would love that!

Joani said...

Oh Gabby. We miss you. Get well soon so you can come back to us!
{{BIG}} Hugs,