Happy Birthday To ME!!!

Well...here are a few more cards I received yesterday. I feel so loved and special when I'm remembered!
Love You
This card was sent to me by Nic. This card is stunning with the embossing resist technique! Thanks so much Nic...I love it!

This next card was from Joani's WONDERFUL and oh so pretty DD Dani! I feel very honored to have received this card from her because according to Joani...she doesn't just sit and stamp for just anyone....awwwww!!! I'll treasure it for ever! Thanks Dani!
Last and of course not least...this card was sent to me by a dear and fellow crafting friend...Crystal Johnson. She's a member of a group I belong to that Joani manages. Thanks a bunch for thinking of me Crystal!

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Stacy said...

I hope you had a lovely birthday!!