I've rearranged!!!

And now I go nuts because I have NO IDEA where I put stuff away!! Does that ever happen to you? You know where something is when it's all an artsy mess...but then when you "clean up" or rearrange you drive yourself nuts and speaking to yourself...which BTW my kids laugh about when they catch me asking myself..."Where did I put _____?"...LOL! I kind of have an idea NOW where things are since I rearranged about 2 weeks ago...but I still catch myself wondering where for instance my CROP-A-DILE IS!!!! I seem to always look where it was...but now it's rooming with the Cuttlebug...lol. Here is a look into my craft room...not for the faint of heart!!!! LOL! BTW...I'm much more organized now that I've reduced stamp sets from SU and have taken a like in unmounteds! SO MUCH MORE ROOM FOR SO MUCH MORE STUFF! HA HA HA!
Here is my basic work station and where I sit to write to you wonderful people...lol.

Here it is again...the bottom crate holds my CS and DP/PP...trust me, it's not this neat anymore!

This large crate in blue hides other stuff I use less often AND also hides my envelopes I use when I sell stuff. The top right crate now hold scraps in order...colored CS in front, white or vanilla CS in back for stamping, and middle the DP. The crate to the left holds other vendor mounted stamps along with a small Tupperware box with unmounteds without cling and pink rubbers.

Thanks for being brave enough to look! LOL! OK...NOW GET OUT OF MY CRAFT ROOM!!!! Nothing more to see...keep it movin'!!! Rubberneckers! LMBO!


Sonya said...

You wanna come over and do my soace next??? it looks great Gabby!

Joani said...

It looks great! I do the same thing, but I say "If I were a _____ where would I be?" See we are realted!!

Rosella said...

Looks great! Now I need to get my space done too. I need more shelves!

Lori J said...

Looks like you have a great little space. I am in the process of rearranging my space also. :0)