I was experimenting...lol...don't laugh!

LV's dream is to one day create digi stamps under her name...so today just for fun I decided to test out something I found online on how to digi. Well the first try was a FAIL! The digi didn't turn out quite how I had envisioned it. This is what it looked like! Oh...I had to play with one of my favorite pics of LV.

So then I decided I would trace the image instead and then this came out a bit better...lol.

Then I took it a step further and colored it in using PSP...lol...not the best coloring...but I'm still learning how to color using PSP. So I was bored...lol...sue me...lol! :P


Joy said...

gabby,this is rockin!

Melyssa said...

OMG!! Gabby I LOVE THIS IMAGE!!! it's awesome! Way to go girl!

jen said...

AWESOME-- so creative!

~*Joni said...

So cool Gabby! Isn't that a neat tut? I am wondering if the majority of images aren't being made that way, right? I'll send you an email on what I know so far (very little - lol!). LV is beeautiful IRL and as a digi. ;) You should do a bunch of these of Joe for her. teehee!