About my music!

As much as I LOVE to listen to my music come on as soon as I hit my page, I've read many comments about how much blog readers HATE having to go to a page with music "scaring them out of their pants". SO, I've added my player to the bottom on my blog pages and are now clickable to those who DO want to listen to it. I did this not because I really wanted to, but because I read some of my readers DON'T like it. So here's to you silent readers! Hope to see you here commenting now that my music doesn't blare.

I'm listening! Are you?
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Nicola said...

I like your music selection missus. I hope you don't think my comment on Maria's blog was meant for you cause it wasn't. It was kinda weird coming in here today and not hearing it.lol.

Love ya

Bobbie said...

Gabby...I like it without the music. For me it takes away from your writing, but that is just me. I enjoy reading your blog so keep writing. !!!!!
Angel Hugs...Bobbie