I've been TAGGED!!!

Well...at least I wasn't marked for death! LOL! Ok, so the tag consists of telling 7 random and/or weird things about myself...well, aint I just a weird one already...lol But seriously, thanks Marilyn for tagging me! Ok, so here we go:

1. I love chili cheese fries for breakfast.

2. I sometimes just order things so I can see my HANDSOME mail carrier who makes my knees buckle. He's my eye candy everyday...except for Sundays or when I miss him...lol. *rolls eyes*

3. Sometimes, when I'm making cards or just crafting, I stick my tongue out...especially when trying to get anything straight or adding adhesive.

4. I have a sick and twisted, and sometimes ;) naughty mind...and those of you who know me, KNOW ME!!!

5. I fantasize about being a Harry Potter character. Her name is Tabitha Alabaster and she's a Slytherin girl who's crazy over Draco Malfoy. (I told ya I was weird) Tabitha though is not a true at heart Slytherin, she actually has "muggle born" friends and "half-bloods" and doesn't boast about her pure bloodness.

6. I'm working on a Harry Potter "fan fiction" story and I'm still on Chapter 3. (looking to go to 22 chapters!)

7. I am secretly in love with Matt Hasslebeck of the Seattle Seahawks (well, that aint a secret no more)! *blush*

Ok...now you know 7 random weird things about me...now let's see...TAG YOU'RE IT:

1. Joani~Cards Made By Hand
2. Kimberly~Crafty Me
3. Kathleen~My Happy Place
4. Meg~Peacock Paperie
5. Gina P.~Gina P. Crafts
6. Meredith~Stampin' 4 My Sanity
7. Rosella~Corner Of Enchantment (Mi Rincon del Encanto)

HA HA! :P ~This is me running away now! Running


Rosella said...

Thanks for tagging me. Let me think for awhile, to come up with something. I find myself being very normal, nothing out of the ordinary, but then, maybe others would find me weird LOL!

Marilyn said...

HEY! Thanks for playing - very interesting to read your 7 random facts :) You are so funny!! Good luck with your book!! It'll be fun reading everyone's responses!!

Rosella said...

Okay, so I have done the tag! Hope you don't mind I did not tag anybody specifically. Seems like everybody I wanted to tag has already been tagged. Was fun to try to come up with weird unusual things about myself.

Stampin' Meg said...

That's too funny about Harry Potter!!!