Photo Corner Tutorial

Ok, so times are getting crazy now a days with the Christmas holy-day around the corner and I know everyone has been busy...and I am no exception! On top of family drama....ok, let me get out of that zone.....oooommmmm! Ok, so I said I would do a tutorial on how I make my photo corners since I don't want to buy the SU corner punch...I have too many punches now, and if I can do something frugal, then why not! So, here goes:

(details on this card is under Julian MacMahon didn't let me go to sleep!)

1. I started with a simple 1 1/2 X 1 1/2 square using kraft paper and cut it in half from corner to corner.

2. Next, if you have a punch square, this is what you will be using to make your inside corner. I used my 3/4 inch square punch (you can use any size depending on what size "indent" you want your corner).

3. With one piece of your triangles, align it with the punch to meet halfways as so.

4. This is what you should have now. (do that with all your other pieces if you have patience...or go to #5)

5. Since I just don't have patience, what I did with the rest of my pieces I was using for my project, I did all pieces left all together using my "snips" scissors.

6. Use the first photo corner made as a guide where to "snip".

7. You are done!!! Now you can "embellish" your corners any way you like. For the card at the top of the page, I distressed the sides and pierced some holes.

Hope you've enjoyed the tutorial!


Michelle said...

Excellent tutorial! I wish I had read this before I ordered my photo corner punch! Very clever.

Lori J said...

Thanks for the tutorial. I never would have thouhgt of that on my own. :0)

Rosella said...

Thanks Gabby! I don't have the photo corner punch! Will definitely use this!

Jelly Bean said...

You are so special!!! How about I send you a whole bunch of different colored 1 1/2" squares and you can make them for me?