Maria of Card Inspired Blog Candy Challenge...DAY 1!

So for Maria's blog candy day 1, we are suppose to share our desk where we craft or our creation station and tell what makes it Zen....could be something you created that keeps you motivated....a plant....anything. Well not to be all brown nosing OR butt kissing (that's not gonna get anyone a greater chance to win), but my inspiration or "Zen" is a beautiful card I received from Maria! I also have what I call my Alien Tripod massager nearby that helps my tense muscles relax...lol. Here is a pic of what my creation station looks like and the card I received up close! I think it's the colors or the circles that make me relax and feel serene. PLUS, my favorite color is purple and how gorgeous is it paired with green?

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Maria said...

Awww, Gabby! You are too sweet! Really, it's nice of you! Looking at the card, it looks like an eye. . .I mean seriously. The center looks like a pupil. Maybe that's what it is. . .it hypnotize you to relaxation! LOL!

I like your desk area. It looks very nice and neat. The tripod massage is a great way to relax too!

I'm sorry I haven't been around much on HCWL. . .the holidays is sort of taking a lot of my time. I'm so so so behind on EVERYTHING. It's beginning to depress me. My New Year resolution is to catch up on life.

Thanks so much for participating in my challenge! I have to be sure to finish up your card for your challenge.