My crafts space after some "Spring Cleaning"

It was HORRID at the way my craft room was looking...so upon doing some Spring cleaning around the house...I decided my room was next. There were crates over flowing with things I haven't used in years and so I did some digging and filled up a HUGE box of crafting stuff to donate to the adult day care center where my parents attend. They have them do manual crafts so I know this stuff will be appreciated. Along with that I'm also donating some cards to the main office to give on birthday or other ocassions.

Oh and I'm also gonna brag a bit...I GOT MYSELF SOME MORE PRISMAS!!! I was gonna go crazy buying the complete set of Copics...but I'm not a millionaire and not crazy enough...lol. I can't betray my Prismas! I got the 156 set PLUS the 24 set of flesh colors. Anywho...what you think of my little room? It's not much...but it's my home inside my home! :) LOL!

With so many new additions from my recent purchases...and many more on the way...I SO need extra space. Now if only I had someone else to craft with besides my daughter...but I can't conjure up stampin' buds. They're all cheap and want to mooch off me. BOOOO!


Lesa said...

Wow! You did a fantastic job spring cleaning. This looks fabulous. Don't you love having your own place to play? Now get some stamping done and enjoy!

Maria said...

Great job at cleaning up your space Gabby! I love your organization. I'm lucky because I have a closet that I throw everything in. I can hide my mess! LOL!!

I think the 156 set of copics are enough. You have a lot of colors to work with. I don't use all my Copics. . just my favorites.

Well. . .doesn't it feel good to have a clean organized room. . .I think your cleaning was worth it, huh!


JazzyH said...

Spring Cleaning how fun. I am doing mine as well. Start out clean lol!!!

Velta said...

You got it clean girl!!! I understand about your stampin buds...I get it also...but still such fun!

Anonymous said...

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Rosella said...

Looks great Gabby!! I would love to come and play with you!

Joani said...

I just did my cleaning too! How do you do all you do with little desk space? Great organizing! At least your in the house where there is heat and air. I'm drooling over your supplies!

Nicola said...

I desparately need to spring clean. I think I am worried I won't be able to find anything if I do.LOL.


Stampin' Meg said...

I am totally impressed- even when my stamp cave is clean-it doesn't look this clean!