I want to first apologize for my lack of posting. For one...I had very bad news presented to me having to do with my financial status...too long and whinney to even talk about it...but just know that I am now $1000 a month poorer and living in California...that's depressing! So...since I got that news...I have been TOO bummed to do ANYTHING! I haven't stamped or made ANYTHING and that alone has driven my mojo into non-existance. Today I got a PM on SCS though from a DF about a card of mine she received in a swap we were in and she gave me such wonderful praise that motivated me enough to work on something today. So I'm posting these things I've worked on in the past just so you know I'm still here. I will get back to checking out your blogs as well...just be patient with me. *smile* Ok...so here are some cards and ABC's I've worked on for swaps and RAK's! I'll add detail soon! *smile* However...I have been helping my DD create a new blog to post about her time at the Jonas Brothers concert...and well...our love for the Jonas Brothers. She made her first ever banner!!! I'm so proud!

This one is for an AMUSE swap!

For a Sweet Things swap!

For a Gina K. swap!

second spot in the Gina K. swap

For a Bella swap!

and this one is a RAK made for a daughter of a good friend of mine who was going thru a hard time with a skin condition...poor lil momma! She's girly girl...so what's better than pink!?


Joani said...

Oh Gabby ~ I am so sorry! I feel your pain girl! I wish there was something I could do to help ~ but I can offer my friendship. I'm here if you need a shoulder.
Love you!

Bobbie said...

Nice to see you back Gabby. You have been missed. Love the cards you posted. Hope all works out for you.
Angel Hugs....Bobbie

Sonya said...

Thats to bad Gabby. I hope things pick up for you soon. The cards as always are wonderful!

Cyndi said...

Gabby - I'm so sorry that you are going through a hard time right now. I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers. There will be a light at the end of the tunnel, it's just a little hard to see right now. Buena Suerte....


Bibbi said...

Love your cards and blogg, I`ll be watching out for your stamping art.....

Sorry for your problems, hope things will be better for you.

Jessica (sweetpea111403) said...

Gabby... if this is you creating with no MOJO.. holy sh*t!! I love everything you posted.
On another note.. I hope things get better and that you get your mojo back so I can stalk, drool and attempt to CASE.

Maria said...

Boy, someone with no mojo you sure make a lot of cards!! LOL! Oh, Gabby. . .I'm sorry to hear of your financial situation! Living in California, that's tough! Well, I hope things improve and I wish you the best.

Love all your cards. . .for a girl with no mojo, you make beautiful cards!!