I've got the music...in me? On me? On CS?...

I know...I'm a little late! Well...lots late! LOL! I've just been busy packaging up stamp sets I've been selling and wanted to get the out the door and on their way! I'm speedy like that! ;)

Anywho...Miss Bombshell Kathi came up with a GREAT idea for a challenge over at the Bombshell Stamps PCP group...use lyrics to make a card! Oh that was so me! I LOVE music...almost all genres! Since I'm partially deaf...music is what keeps me going. I listen to it just about when I do anything! So...when I took a look at what Bombshell sets I had...I had to see what song would fit. Since I love Halloween...I decided to use A Pirates Life and Holiday Accessory to go with Black Magic Woman by Santana.

So whatta ya think? Did I capture the song? LOL!


Jennifer said...

Hey Gabby, your card is WONDERFUL! Did you see, you won the contest on Club Anya! CONGRATS! You deserve it!

Angie said...

Oh my goodness, I love it! It's perfect and totally encompasses Black MAgic Woman! WOW!