Here she is!

Well here she is, my new niece London and moi! The pictures looks kind of dark because it was taken with my camera phone since DUH me forgot my camera at home. She is the cuttest little thing and OMG that baby smell.....I so miss it in my kids! I held her for 3 straight hours and didn't want to give her back...lol. The first picture is my mom holding her before she got her "bath". She's only 5 days and just look at those browsing eyes!!! The bottom picture is London and moi! I tried to clean this picture up as much as possible, but this was the best I can get it bright. Thanks for looking! :D And most of all, thanks to all who left me congrats greetings.


Niki said...

Congrats on being a new aunt! I added you to my SBS list. Welcome!

Michelle said...

She's adorable!!! Congratulations!