So...about the blog candy....

...is anyone else NOT interested!? I only have 2 entries thus far. C'mon...it's fairly simple. You don't have to send anyone the card...just post it on your blog or email it to me. Or is it the "candy". Did I go to "cheap"? LOL! Suggestions are welcome!


kathleenh said...

I'm on it! This is VERY generous blog candy and I love a good challenge. I'll see what I can come up with. Thanks for the chance.

Anonymous said...

This is my first time doing this so it all looks good to me.
angel Hugs...Bobbie

Nicola said...

I'm on it missus. You know me always the last one on the bus.


Allison said...

I forgot! I like the sketch...let me try it tonight!

Gerriann said...

I guess you should really read the directions well before starting. I had time so I created however it is not correct. I am posting it on my blog anyway. The colors and layers are the only things that I got right. I will try again! Thanks for the challenge!

CAKVD said...

I have it on my to-do list!! I LOVE all the goodies you are giving away, so you will be seeing an entry from me after the Thanksgiving holiday! Thanks!
Cheryl KVD

Maria said...

Hey Gabby, bring your blog candy up to the top so people can see it everytime they visit your site. Here's how you do it. . .

1. from you dashboard, go to edit
post and look for the post that
you want to edit. Click "edit"
2. when you post opens up, scroll
down to "post option" at
the bottom of your post
3. click on "post option"
4. change the date to a future
date such as the day your blog
candy ends.
5. click save

This should keep your post at the top of your page until the future date specified.

I think people are not participating because people don't realize there's a blog candy.

I'll let people know on my blog site that you have a blog candy!!


Gabby said...

Thanks Maria...I am still a bit blog challenged...lol. I did it and now it's on top! :) Sorry ladies if you had to go looking for it. :( But now it's up there to check out! So come on, put those chores away and create! LOL!