MY "Treat Box"!

I made this one for me! What a way to keep some of my supplies at hand! I inserted my watercolor pencils, blender pens, piercing tool, exacto knife, artist pens, scissors, & tubes of buttons. I decorated it with what I like, cherries, skulls, fibers, and old bracelets.


Melissa M. M. M. said...

This is the ultimate! I love the pink and black (my new fave.) Just gorgeous! I'll have to make one of these. Is the template online, by any chance? I'll have to read on to see your other one. :0) Mel

Joani said...

GREAT job. I just love it. I never thought of using it for that purpose.
I love your ideas!

Kerry J. said...

Good for you to make something for yourself!! It's gorgeous btw!