100 {plus} followers Blog Candy

Before I tell you about my candy...make sure to check out my current craft room sale! Maybe there's something there you need? ;) Just click on the banner up there! ^^^^^ Thanks!

It's about time I host a blog candy! I got my 100th follower just last week and I couldn't be any happier! It makes me happy to know that people wanna follow me...that means my work is better than I thought...lol. So without further blah blah from moi...here is what's up for grabs!

In this candy bag is:
1 The Greeting Farm set Susie Surprise (I have 3 of these)
2 packs of Miss Elizabeth "scraps" DP
2 Provo Craft brads in flowers and alphas
1 package bling accents
1 package Prima Kisses (hearts)
1 package Decorative Accents (I use them like baubles/Dew Drops)
3 tubs of glitter (green, yellow, & pink)
4 crocheted flourettes (2 black & 2 pink)
1 6 pack of ribbon rolls
Ozzy Inks ROBOTI-X digi stamps (coming out Nov. 5th)
Teen Scene Jonas, Demi, & Olivia

I don't ask for you to follow me or post it on your blog (that's optional and I'm thankful for)...all I ask for you to comment! Just one simple question...out of ALL my work I've done in the past...which has been YOUR all time fave! Which one has made you say "WOW"!

Answer that and on November 15th...I will announce a winner! Winner will be picked out by random...so no favoritism here! :P

I will be gone for a few days but will resume regular posting on maybe the 5th or 6th. Just make sure you do stop by on Wednesday to Bombshell Blog Hop! I'm not gonna be making a project this time...but I do encourage you to hop along with my Bombshell Hotties! ;)


Michele L. said...

Congrats on your 100 followers, that must be so exciting!
It's hard to choose just ONE of the things you create. However, I love love love your bombshell creations. They're just fabulous and your coloring is just so awesome....

Well that reminds me of another thing I love that you did, and that was the video tutorial on how to color in hair!!!

LOL.. well you got 2 answers from me! congrats and i hope u quadruple your followers list!

Joy said...

congrats gabby!

I have to say my fave is the TGF Madonna!!!!

i love all your work though!

Juanita said...

Oh I have one that made my jaw drop. It was Edward's Little Girl (the onsie with Edward on it). Who wouldn't want their new born baby girl wearing that :)?

Robin McK said...

Hi Gabby!
I really loved that hairband you made with the top hat! SOOOOO cute!
Congrats on your followers!

Leah the Orange said...

oh, Gabby, so many gorgeous projects to choose from! i LOVE the 8/28 purple and black anya card, but i think the crocheted beanie is my favourite thing you've done! i WANT ONE! :)

yay, 100 followers! congrats!

Claireabelle said...

Congrats on 100 followers!!! My fav piece? I think it's gotta be that bombshell coffin you did recently - awesome!

PaperCrafty said...

Hi Gabby!! Congrats on your 100 followers!! Seriously, I have to pick just one??? You now that I am a HUGE fan of yours!! Well, I would have to go with your FABULOUS TGF Material Girl!!


GobeaGirl said...

Hi Gabby, I am new to your blog, in fact I was you 100th follower.lol...I say this, as so far I don't have a favorite..I do however like the overall look of your blog. I love the Twilight books and Jonas Brothers are on in our home quite abit, so I felt that we had something in common.... I do think that your work is outstanding, and I can not wait to see what else you come up with. Thanks, Lisa g

Sarah said...

Congrats on hitting 100 followers!! I love all of your stuff, but my favorite would have to be the Valentine Swap stuff that you made for me last year! The box and bag and the card were absolutely amazing!!

Joani said...

Oh Gabby ~ everything you do is awesome, how could I just pick one? You know that I've loved all of your creations since the 1st one I had seen Ü

I sure hope that I win your candy because I've got to have that stamp set - I love cuppy cakes!

Congrats on your followers - I'm not suprised, your the bestest!

Cyndi said...

Hey Gabby of course we would follow you. I read your site everyday, except I think I have to sign up as a follower. LOL You site is always fun and creative. Thanks for sharing. - Cyndi

Cyndi said...
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Genetta said...

I love all the items you have made with The Greeting Farm stamps. You are the reason I have an obession with them and Copics. Someone had pointed me to your blog to show how Copics are REALLY used. Ever since then I read your blog first.

bluepoohbear75 said...

Wow, great candy, thanks for a chance. I love your creativeness. I really liked the Lily card on Oct. 29 and the Twilight baseball card. Thanks for sharing your talent and your sons great images.

Shaz said...

Wow Gabby! Congratulations!
I have loved the work you have done with TGF stamps.
My favorite was Joni's rule of 3 card the pink and Black card!
They have all been beautiful.

Erin said...

Pick one, impossible. I know the first time I saw your work was your Jonas Brothers card.

Nicola said...

I love everything you do missus but my all time favorite will always be the nefertiti card you sent me. Yes, I still have it. LOL.


Bobbie said...

OH Gabby... I can't just pick one. I love all your work... have from the beginning.

congratulations on 100 followers

Angel Hugs...Chemo Angel Bobbie

Bobbie said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Jennifer said...

I'll take one Suzie Surprise of your hands. LOL! Congrats on your 100+ followers. I'm with Juanita. Your Edward onesie got me at Hello.

Liz said...

Lily in Winter Coat popped off the page and made me saw whoa...I love how you combine your artistic ability in everything you do!

Madeleine Bouquet said...

Congratulations on so many followers!:) OK, now I have to get my thoughts back together after drooling over the Jasper pics while scrolling down the page...Oh yes, my favorite project of yours would probably be the Jasper baseball card you made for the TT blog hop. Although, I also really loved the Senora Muerta coffin, and LV's American Idiot card. All of your work is great, though!:) Thanks!


noga said...

hi, i'm new here but i realy like the 3D flower card you did on 10/24
thank you

Betsy said...

Hi! I come to you via Joanie at Cards Made by Hand. Great blog!
My favorite is your Jasper inspired baseball card! I love how he glitters. I'll definitely be back...

HazelQ said...

Hi Gabby, your creations are gorgeous but I have to say that my favorite is the copic color chart. I love how you embellished that little black book :) Thank you for the chance to win this fabulous candy :)

Winxy Escapes said...

I love the one with the boy playing baseball like Jasper! awesome!!!

such a twilighter myself so love your stuff!

Tammy Miller said...

Gabby congrats on your followers. I am shocked that you have had not had them b/f today! I am sorry to say that I can not pick just one your work is amazing and I do mean amazing!

JenRaff said...

Your art is amazing so to pick one thing is hard to do! I love your Bombshell creations! One of the first things I remember when I started checking out your blog was seeing a Christmas card with a girl in a shoe that said "HO HO HO" ~ I thought that card was fantastic and wanted to look just like her! Thanks for sharing everyday :)

Kelly Booth said...

ALL your Work has me Gasp...your amazing Gabby...
That's some Awesome Candy and I want that GF set BAAAAAD!!!!

Shirley said...

Just found your blog through a random search as I am looking for new ideas and new artists. Hope you get lots of new followers as I really appreciate the time you put into keeping a blog! Would love to win some blog candy as well.



Julie Temple said...

WOW, girl, 100 followers is fabby! But you are Fabby, Gabby, and you have impressed us all! Congrats, sweetie. Thanks for the chance at your nummies...I will post on my blog!


Gloria Westerman said...

Congra, Gabby on #100 you deserve it.
M favorite card was the one at JUGS with the winter snow scene. That was just lovely. Thank you for sharing.

Sonya said...

I so love it when you take the stamping beyond just cards..like when you did the Edwards Onesie..that is so fantastic!

Pam said...


Congrats on your 100th follower that is an AWESOME thing! I love the blog candy, looks like a lot of fun will take place with this candy!
I am new to your blog but I am having a lot of fun looking around and getting some great ideas! Thanks so much for sharing.
I l-o-v-e the Udderly Adorable Girl card. This one reminds me of my Mom so much!! (she loves holstein cows so much. I need to do this for her BD.

Thank you for sharing and helping me keep my creative side active!!

Keep up the great work I can not wait to see whats next!


AK Stamper said...

Hey Gabby,
First of I want to Congratulate you for having 100 plus followers!

I really think the Bombshell art work has got to be my favorite, tho I don't have any yet.


Roberta said...

ONE?? Geez, Gabby, that's not fair.
I'll go with TWO instead.
There was a card that you made last year.. a POP card with canvas and a skull that I loved, and the Geisha Anya from just after Christmas. I don't usually like elongated cards, but that one impressed me enough that I was tempted to cave an buy an Anya. ;)

Anonymous said...

Congrats on 100 followers Gabby! Your stuff always rocks and I'm always eager to see what you have been up to! Thanks for sharing your talent with us!


Anonymous said...

Ok miss gabby i have to say that my all time favorite is the one you did of LV i really love that even my boys really think that is so cool ;) Love all you do gabby really i think you are so creative and so awesome love ya chacha ~~~Lori~~~aka bluegirl

Anonymous said...

Pick one..are u kidding me..I can not pick one..I pick them all..of course, Twilight has me at hello!!,,I love your creativity and your raw, honest, love of life...smoochies to you..u are the best..Love ya...Deej

Nicole Maki said...

Wow, Gabby. Congrats on all the followers. It's totally deserved as your creative talents are mind-boggling.

My favorite piece of yours is the Girl's Ruin card with the pearl. So stunning!

Crazy Creations said...

Gabby -I love all your work I love the shire you made for your mom it was just wonderful .And everything else you do is great .I wish I had your talent!Congrats on the 100 !!!!Thank you for the chance to win going to keep my fingers and toes crossed That would be great .Hugs Sarah