What a title huh? Well I am! FIRST...I just uploaded the newest digi images by Ozzy Inks to his blog. It's a set of robots and I am AMAZED at his work. I am indeed a proud momma! So far so good for him. I've already deposited money he's made into his small but growing account. LV on the other hand...no such luck with her Teen Scene and she's bummed. Poor girl has had no luck in ANYTHING she's selling. Her Kandy bracelets...NADA...hair ribbons...NADA. I feel so bad for her. Anywho...she's still not giving up though! That's my girl! Anywho...check THAT out HERE!

Second...I am Chic of the Week over at JUGS! WAHOO! :D I was stoked to see my name up as Chic of the Week! Can't wait to get my badge to wear it proudly! Thanks girls!

and last but not least...there was a small but very important turn around in my personal life. Just when I thought things couldn't get well for us they do! A friend of the family started a food bank a couple cities away and I will not only be working there (well...volunteering) mornings starting Monday...but I will ALSO be getting my share of weekly groceries to feed my family. We were in serious dire need of some kind of help to feed our children. I even resorted to selling my stuff both on here and on SCS. Thank God for those who needed my stuff...lol...for 2 weeks I was able to feed my kiddies. At least THAT is now gonna be taken care of and I thank God for listening to my prayers.

OK...now that I shared THAT and I am quite embarrassed to have shared it...but I wanted to share my joy! I'm a very proud person and have recently learned to become more humble. :) It actually feels good to get that out.

Thanks for listening and I'll be posting more stamping stuff soon! ;)

BTW...make sure to check out my craft room sale. I still have lots of stuff to get out of here. They need a home where they'll get some use. ALSO...make sure to check out my top right hand side of my sidebar. There are now 2 fundraisers helping Sarah raise money in name of Henry...her 3 year old boy who is now an angel in heaven.


GobeaGirl said...

Gabby, you soo ROCK! Check it out, I was able to put Little Henry on my sidebar....I am soo thankful to you...I just can not say it enought..Thank you, thank you, thank you.. :D Lisa G Congrats on Chic of the week, I have to check that out. Have an awesome weekend. Lisa G

Kristin Bueter said...

Congrats on your Chic of the Week selection! Totally deserved ;] Did you get your badge? I sent it late Thursday night from our JUGS account...please email me if I should resend it.

Glad to see that your children are aspiring to make money already! That's fantastic. I need to go check out your son's images. I didn't know he was an artist ;] I'll keep you in my prayers girly...