I'm sorry...

Hey peeps! I'm sorry I've been away and not regularly posting. I've been dealing with some nasty headaches/migraines and it's taking A LOT out of me when it comes to stamping and what not. They seem to be letting down so I hope I can go back to posting normally. I had planned a week of New Moon...but from the looks of it...it's gonna be a no go! :( I will post on Tuesday though...so I hope to see you here for Tuesday Morning Sketches day! It's a coooool one! I promise! I'll also have a list of my Bombshell Hotties on the Hump Day Bombshell Stamps hop! I deeply apologize and hope I can resume to normal Gabby VERY soon!

BTW...I'm kinda sad to see there was hardly no participation on the "Henry Challenge". I guess I'll be saving my fat envelope for a future candy? I tried! I really did! There is still time though. Just go check out that special post.

On a side note...I have to leave a HUGE note of thanks to the girls at JUGs! You ladies are amazing and it touched MY Heart at your wonderful comments. Trust me...I may be a joker and a "dark side" girl with a touch of "naughty"...but my heart is like cotton candy...soft and sweet! :D Even though I may be in the dumps and have my own issues...I try to make the best of it and look at others going through a much worst situation. My problems do NOT compare to losing a family member (even though I did lose my momma a few months ago who I miss even more as time goes by)...let alone a child. So thanks to each and every one of you with your heartfelt words.

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