Awards? For me? You shouldn't have!

But I do thank you! Thank you Joani for the fabby awards you've given me! I don't feel I deserve them though because I've been a bad blogging sister! *looks down* Still I thank you soo much!

Part of the deal here...lol...is to post 5 things you're hooked on or addicted to! WOW...so here I go! Now to see WHICH get the top 5! LOL!

1. my kids
2. stamping
3. Nacho Cheese Doritos
4. Coke
5. Venti Iced Caramel Macchiatos with more caramel!!! I have one a day! :D

Now I would like to pass these on to 5 gals who in my eyes deserve it! Ladies...you inspire me! If I could send it back to Joani...I would...in an instant. Joani has been MY biggest inspiration since day 1!

I'll be back with the FAB 5 later. My computer is acting all silly on me!
POST EDIT: Now that my computer is off it's bad mood...lol...here are my FAB FIVE!
1. Joni-A fellow partner in crime with the Anya/Ian/Marie obsession! Aloha Joni!
2. Melissa-she's just an amazing person in general! Hey Mel!
3. Melyssa-a fellow Bombshell chica! Her work kicks @$$! Sup chica?
4. Ann-she was once my SS over at SCS and I got to gift her! SNOWMEN!!! Hi Ann!
and last but not least...the person responsible for me falling in love with Ian and Anya...


Melissa Craig said...

Thank you Gabby!! **squeals** {{hugs}} I can't tell you how much this means to me. Thank you!!!

Melyssa said...

Thanks Gabby! This is really sweet of you!! {{hugs}}

~*Joni said...

"I'd like to thank all the people who made it possible...my sons for saying, 'Uh, if you want a blog I can show you how' and for DH saying, 'You really think people want to see Get-Oh Fabulous ideas?'" teehee! THANKS GABBY!!! This means so much to me, because you know how Fabby I think you are! :D
(I apologize for accepting my award in pajamas with bleach stains on it...)

Ann said...

Woohoo! Thanks, Gabby! You rock!