Joe Jonas as Shane Gray

I bet you're wondering...WHAT??? Well...I made this card for LV just because. She LOVES Joe Jonas of the Jonas Brothers. So when I saw this Dress Me Ian...I IMMEDIATELY saw Joe Jonas as Shane Gray in the movie Camp Rock. And she says I don't love her! HMPH! She was ALL giddy when I showed it to her! I hand drew the mic and colored his clothing JUST as he wears it in Camp Rock! Fun huh...just look at the pic below...doesn't it look like him??? LOL! I even made him his bushy eyebrows!!! Sentiment is printed. She said she's gonna post it over at the official JB fan club she belongs to. Knowing LV...she has something else in mind...$$$! LMAO! Now if only there were curly hair Ian (or friend) so I can help with LV's "thoughts" for the other Jonas bros...Kevin & Nick! Marie...if you read this...a curly hair guy...even if he's digi would be adorable! *wink* Just an idea!

Ok...I have plenty to do today...not to mention visit those who have visited me. I'm gonna try to do all that while managing a headache...UGH! But these are must do things...so I'm loading up on pain meds and I'll be ready to take on some stuff. Blogger has let us bloggers know that there is a scheduled outage today at 4:00 my time (PST)...so if you're not a blogger ON Blogger...now you know why...it's not my page! ;) See ya'll on the flip side!

Prismacolor Markers used:
CS/DP: BGrey, BBlack, Bright White, Foil, & Rockstar DP
Ink: BBlack & Prismas
Stamps: Dress Me Ian
Embellishments: Star punch
Others: milky white gel pen, ticket stub corner punch, & FC Artist Pitt Pen (size brush)



Melyssa said...

He is just adorable! You did an awesome job on him. I agree we need a curly haired Inan.

nicky w. said...

This is such A COOL Ian. Great job...it's so creative! Love your coloring!